How to Get Dust Particles Out of Polyurethane

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Things You'll Need

  • 220 grit sandpaper

  • Mop or cloth

  • Multipurpose cleaner

  • Foam brush

  • Polyurethane coating

Before applying a polyurethane coating, a wood surface should be cleaned to remove dust and debris. Sometimes, even with pre-prep cleaning, dust still makes its way into your freshly painted and still wet polyurethane. Dust stuck in the polyurethane gives your wood surface a permanent dirty appearance. Dust trapped underneath the clear polyurethane coating will not wipe away. Minor refinishing is the only cure for this problem.


Step 1

Sand away the dust areas with 220 grit sandpaper.

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Step 2

Smooth out the areas around where you just sanded with sandpaper to make the wood surface even and level.

Step 3

Clean the wood surface with a mop or cloth and a multisurface cleaner to remove any dust or debris from sanding. Allow the area to dry.


Step 4

Apply a new coat of polyurethane over the area you sanded. Use a clean foam brush to apply the polyurethane coating. If you did extensive sanding, you might have to re-coat the entire wood surface with polyurethane. If the sanding was minimal, you can get away with just re-coating the sanded area.

Step 5

Allow the polyurethane coating to dry for 24 hours.


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