How to Make Shredded Newspaper & Grass Seed Mix

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Things You'll Need

  • Heavy rubber work gloves

  • Shredded newspaper

  • Liquid grass fertilizer

  • Grass seed

  • 30-gallon plastic tote

  • Burlap sacks

  • Water

Creating a lawn after new construction can be a daunting task. Laying sod provides an immediate lawn, but it can be very expensive. A cheaper alternative is a combination of shredded newspaper and grass seed spread over burlap sacks. The shredded newspaper will hold moisture. The burlap sacks will help keep mud to a minimum, while providing a secure rooting medium. The burlap will eventually break down and provide nourishment to the soil and to the newly rooted grass. The shredded newspaper will also help prevent birds and insects from eating the grass seed before it has time to sprout.


Step 1

Measure the area you wish to cover with grass. Read the directions on your bag of grass seed to decide how much you will need to seed that area. Purchase enough grass seed to cover the desired lawn area twice.

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Step 2

Shred newspaper by hand or use a shredding machine.

Step 3

Fill a 30-gallon plastic tote halfway with shredded newspaper. Add an equal amount of grass seed.

Step 4

Pour liquid fertilizer over the newspaper and grass seed mix until it is well-moistened.

Step 5

Stir the grass and paper mix until the grass seed is evenly distributed.