How to Make a Rose From a Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Wrapper

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Make a Rose From a Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Wrapper

Ferrero Rocher is a spherical chocolate with a whole roasted hazelnut inside a wafer shell that is filled with Nutella and dipped in milk chocolate and finely chopped nuts. The Ferrero Rocher chocolate is surrounded by a thin gold wrapper that is part of its refined image meant to impart wealth and elegance. Perhaps because Ferrero Rocher has such an elegant image, some crafty person has invented a way to turn the Ferrero Rocher wrapper into a rose. You can make this tiny gold rose in just a few minutes.


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Step 1

Take the chocolate from the wrapper and flatten the wrapper.

Step 2

Fold each of the four sides in by 1/3 inch.

Step 3

Fold the corner into a triangular shape.


Step 4

Fold the adjacent side along the width of the triangle.

Step 5

Take the other corner and roll the foil inward loosely, until it forms a tube/cigarette shape. The tube should be wider at the top than it is at the bottom.


Step 6

Pinch the foil about half-way down the tube. Roll/twist the bottom half of the tube (below the pinch) between your fingers until it forms a tight stem. This makes the bottom into the stem of the rose and the top into the bulb of the rose.

Step 7

Take a toothpick, and gently pry the "petals" open at the top of the bulb. This will form the flower part of the rose.

Step 8

Put the sticker from the chocolate at the top of the stem, or on the flower.