How to Make a Small Origami 3-D Heart

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Things You'll Need

  • strip of paper

  • scissors (optional)

Make a Small Origami 3-D Heart

Learn to make a cute little heart with just a strip or paper. It is similar to the origami star, but a little easier! Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper.


Step 1

With a small strip of paper, about 8-10 cm long and 1-2 cm wide. Make sure the blank colored side is facing you.

Step 2

Starting on right end, fold one corner to the top line. (shown on photo)


Step 3

Fold it to the left, it should make a triangle shape again. Continue folding in this manner until you get to the end of the strip. (must have a triangle shape)

Step 4

Leaving about 1-2 cm, fold the very end to form a pyramid.


Step 5

Use the end to tuck into the slot part of the triangle. You should get 1 triangle shape.

Step 6

Push down gently on the middle area to form the middle of the heart.


Step 7

Flatten the sides, and cut to shape if you like.


Get creative with the little hearts, they can be used for fillers, little gifts, decorations, etc.