How to Remove a Toilet Paper Holder

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If you're getting ready to paint or wallpaper your bathroom walls, removing the toilet paper holder will make the job easier. You may even want to replace the holder with a new one that better complements the new decor. When looking at it from above, a conventional toilet paper holder presents a minor mystery: What exactly is holding it to the wall? The answer is a tiny set screw on the underside of each bracket. Loosen it, and the bracket easily comes off.


Removal Procedure

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Things You'll Need

  • 1/8-inch Allen wrench

  • No. 1 Phillips screwdriver

  • Flat-head screwdriver

  • No. 2 Phillips screwdriver

Step 1

Locate the set screw under each bracket. Use a flashlight to get a good look at the head to determine what tool you need to loosen it. In most cases, you'll need a 1/8-inch Allen wrench, but in some cases, you'll need a No. 1 Phillips screwdriver, and in others, a flat-head screwdriver.


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Step 2

Remove the toilet paper roll and the spring-loaded bar. Loosen the set screw on each holder using the appropriate tool.

Step 3

Push each holder down while angling the end upward. This frees it from its mounting bracket so you can remove it.

Step 4

Unscrew the screws holding each mounting bracket to the wall, using a No. 2 Phillips screwdriver.


  • If you're changing the location of the toilet paper holder, you may have to remove some conical plastic screw anchors. The best way to do this is to partially drive a screw into each anchor and pry the screw -- and the anchor with it -- out of the wall with a claw hammer.
  • Someone may have used wall anchors that you can't easily remove. In this case, the best solution may be to sink the head into the drywall, using a hammer and nail set, and cover the hole with drywall joint compound.


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