How to Install a "Quick Repair" Cover Plate in Drywall

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Things You'll Need

  • Access hole cover

  • Sheet of white styrene

  • Or Sheet of mat board.

  • Tube of Liquid Nails Tub Surrounds adhesive.

Click to enlarge - Access hole cover installed.

This article will show how to apply an access hole cover over a hole cut into drywall. This procedure will be used in lieu of patching with a piece of dry wall, mudding the joints, sanding, and painting which is time consuming and expensive.


Step 1

Click to enlarge - Plumbing repair

Sometimes it is necessary to cut a hole in the wall to gain access to the space behind it. The picture shows a workman working on a bathtub faucet. He finds he needs to gain access to the faucet from the other side of the wall.


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Step 2

Click to enlarge - Shows access hole

The workman cuts a hole in the wall to do work that would be impossible from the other side.


Step 3

Click to enlarge - Cover plate

With the work on the plumbing completed the task remaining is what to do about the hole cut into the drywall. He snaps in the cover plate that's just made to do this job.


Step 4

Click to enlarge = Different type of panel.

There are other ways to patch this hole other than with the use of drywall. The picture shows another type of panel, this one includes a door for ready access.


Step 5

Click to enlarge - Glued on cover plate.

Another way to patch this hole is with a piece of white sheet styrene or even stiff mat board is acceptable. Apply a bead of tub surrounds adhesive and stick the patch over the hole. Might have to tape it in place for a few hours until the adhesive sets.


Step 6

The above methods of patching this access hole is to provide an acceptable way without having to use drywall. Drywall is not an item sitting around ready for use. If you can't get a small piece of it you will have to buy a whole sheet just to obtain the small chunk that you would need to patch this hole. Then you would need joint compound, tape, sandpaper and paint. Could take up to 5 days to patch this hole. Further, if you needed to gain access to the opening again, if it was fixed with drywall, you would have to cut out the drywall again. With the snap in panel all that's required to gain access is to snap the cover plate off. Or pry off the mat board.


The main problem addressed here is the patching of the hole. It can be quite expensive to just patch the hole. Or with just a little compromise in aesthetics the repair can become very reasonable in cost to fix. Sheet styrene is available from plastics and rubber shops. Mat board is available from art supply stores.


Might have to wear a dust mask, ear plugs, and breathing mask.


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