How to Keep Deco Paint Markers From Clogging

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Things You'll Need

  • Pencil cup

  • Clean piece of paper or cardboard

Paint marker art

Paint markers are some of the most fun and versatile drawing tools. They can be used to adorn everything from wood to metal, from plastic to ceramic, from glass to plain old paper. Paint markers come in many varieties, including the popular DecoColor. There is one caveat with these fun-filled tools: paint markers like to clog if not cared for properly. You can keep Deco paint markers from clogging with some simple maintenance and a few fruitful tips.


Step 1

Swish the tip. Once you are done marking with your marker, run the tip across a clean piece of paper or cardboard. This will refresh the paint, dislodge any debris that may have stuck to the tip and give it a clean nib before storing. Also swish it periodically during your creation.

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Step 2

Store it with the caps upright. The best way to store paint markers is in a pencil cup or similar container with the caps upright. Never store the caps down or the paint is liable to leak out and make a mess all over your bookshelf.


Step 3

Watch the temperature. Paint markers stored in extremely hot or extremely cold environments are going to give you trouble. Clogging is just one of the side effects, they may also get so runny they will just become useless. Keep the markers in the house, where temperatures are usually not extreme. Store them in a dry, dark place, never in full sun.


Step 4

Cap tightly. Even if the cap looks securely placed on the marker, push it down a little bit more just to be sure. The smallest amount of air that’s allowed to seep in will dry out the marker.

Step 5

Shake the markers often. Shaking the marker, with the lid on, keeps the paint circulating and fresh. After every few lines or so, take a second to recap the maker and shake it, with the cap raised upward, to rejuvenate the paint.


High altitudes are also a disaster for paint markers.


Don't try to open the paint marker and mix water or another liquid with the paint. The price of a new marker is much less expensive than cleaning up the mess you are about to make.


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