How to Wax Fall Leaves

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Things You'll Need

  • Waxed paper

  • Variety of leaves

  • Iron

  • Ironing board

  • Paper towels

Waxing autumn leaves brings back memories of carefree childhood days searching for the perfect autumn leaf to create just the right waxed leaf. Using they same technique with some waxed paper and colored leaves can provide you will a variety of colors and shapes to add to your decor. Whether you wish to create waxed leaves for your own art project or to please that special child in your life, wax leaves are a wonderful way to preserve a little of autumn's color and beauty.


Step 1

Gather a variety of colored leaves. Maple leaves make beautiful specimens in their bright reds, orange, and gold; but don't stop there. Oak leaves make magnificent displays with their sharply pointed edges. Look around for unusual shapes and patterns of color. Choose a variety of sizes from miniature leaves to giant specimens sure to make a statement.


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Step 2

Make sure your leaves are clean and dry. To dry damp leaves, iron them between two pieces of paper towels on the lowest setting.

Step 3

Place a folded layer of paper towels on the ironing board to protect the surface of your ironing board from wax, before beginning the project.


Step 4

Cut a 10 to 12 inch section of waxed paper. Fold the waxed paper in half so that the waxy side faces in.

Step 5

Open the folded waxed paper and lay it on the ironing board.

Step 6

Arrange an assortment of leaves on one half of the waxed paper so that they do not touch one another. Be sure all leaves are clean and dry and lay flat with no curls.


Step 7

Fold the waxed paper over the leaves.

Step 8

Set your iron to the medium setting. It should be just warm enough to melt the wax on the waxed paper.

Step 9

Place a piece of white paper towels over the top of the waxed paper and leaves.


Step 10

Iron the paper with a slow even motion to melt the waxed paper underneath.

Step 11

Allow the waxed paper and leaves to cool. Open the waxed paper and remove the finished leaves. They will be coated with a layer of wax and ready to display.


Use waxed autumn leaves to create fall bouquets or to decorate wreaths and centerpieces. You can attach a piece of florist wire or florist picks to use them in baskets and other displays.

Hang waxed leaves in windows by attaching string or fishing line.


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