How to Use a Candle for Writing Invisible Messages

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Invisible ink is something your kids will probably love if they could get their grubby little hands on it! You sometimes see invisible ink advertised in toy stores. But, there is an easy way to make invisible messages and drawings, and you almost certainly have the necessary item needed in your home right now. The following tips will show you how use a candle to make invisible drawings and messages.


Using the candle to make invisible drawings and messages

Step 1

Get a white candle from your mantle, or purchase a few at the store.

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Step 2

Write a message or make a drawing using the candle a pen. The wax will stick to the paper, forming the "invisible" ink.

Step 3

Cover the candle drawing with a watercolor paint. The watercolor will darken the paper around the candle wax, leaving the message or drawing white, and allowing you to see what was written or drawn!