How to Make Halloween Potion Bottles

Things You'll Need

  • Empty glass bottles

  • Water

  • Food coloring

  • Dry ice

  • Labels

  • Computer

  • Tongs to handle dry ice

How to Make Halloween Potion Bottles. When it comes to decorating for Halloween, you must create a sense of drama within your decor. Enter bubbling Halloween potion bottles. Whether you place them on your front stoop or as a centerpiece on your ghoulish dining room table, they're sure to be a topic of conversation. Here's how to make Halloween potion bottles.

Step 1

Create Halloween potion labels on your computer. Most computers come with a basic graphics program already installed. Find a Gothic style text and an unsavory image to place on your label. Make sure the names are inventive like "rat sweat" or "bat droppings."

Step 2

Print these labels on your computer printer. Labels are readily available at most office supply stores. Simply select the size you'd like.

Step 3

Place the Halloween potion labels on the bottles. Cover up as much "modern writing" as possible to make each potion bottle look authentic.

Step 4

Add varying amounts of water to each one of the bottles. Remember that the water levels don't all have to be equal. After all, they've already been part of many spells, so many are probably half empty.

Step 5

Put a drop of food coloring in each bottle. Be creative with your color schemes. Potions come in all colors.

Step 6

Drop a small (really small) piece of dry ice into each bottle. (Remember that you must never touch the dry ice directly as it will freeze your skin on contact. Use either tongs, or gloves that are specifically made for handling dry ice.) Watch as the thick smoke pours out of the bottles. You have now completed your Halloween potion bottles.


In order to collect your glass bottles, save old glass soda bottles which don't have a lot of writing on the outside. Coca-Cola bottles are a great example. Clear wine bottles also make great potion bottles. You can also buy labels at your local office supply store which will fit perfectly on the wine bottle. Look for them in the ink and labels section.