How to Install Floor Drains in Concrete

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How to Install Floor Drains in Concrete. Floor drains are handy when you have an application that uses a lot of water or other liquids that may spill. You must take special care in dealing with the effluent of the drain to make sure that you are in compliance with local codes and regulations. Everything is much simpler if you plan the drainage system before placing the cement slab in the area.


Step 1

Determine what types of liquids are possible to end up in the floor drain. If there are no liquids that are hazardous or toxic then you can safely run the drain into your drainage field of your septic tank or into the sewer line. If there are substances that are regulated and monitored by governmental agencies, they will dictate what options you have in dealing with the effluent.


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Step 2

Plan ahead of construction to make your task the easiest to install a floor drain and provide for the drainage. Drains are placed in the floor to remove large amounts of liquid from the area. They include trenches that run to the actual drain. The trenches angle such that the water runs towards the drain pipe. Make sure that the forms for the floor include trenches for this purpose. Also make sure that there is a drain trap placed in the line before the actual drain pipe.


Step 3

Pour the floor and install the metal or plastic covers over the drain trenches and trap before use. If anything gets into the drain that has the possibility of creating a blockage, the trap will stop it before entering the drain pipe.

Step 4

Retrofit a floor with a floor drain by using a hammer and chisel to break away the concrete to form the drain trenches. Be sure to remove enough concrete from the area just before the drain pipe to fit a drain trap in line. After the forms have been set for the new drain system in the floor, pour new concrete and allow it to dry. Install the covers over the trenches and trap.

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