How to Remove Super Glue From Laminate Flooring

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Things You'll Need

  • Nail polish

  • Acetone

  • Cotton swab

  • Sand paper

  • Razor blade

How to Remove Super Glue From Laminate Flooring. Super glue works to stick things together. It works so well because it tends to change the chemical composition of products to get them to stick together. But super glue is horrible to clean up once it dries, and super glue dries very fast. If you spill super glue on laminate flooring, you've got a lot of work ahead of you to remove it.


Step 1

Try nail polish remover. Soak a cotton swab in nail polish remover and gently dab at the super glue. However, make sure you've tested the nail polish remover on your laminate flooring in an unobtrusive spot just in case the polish remover is going to damage your floor.

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Step 2

Test straight acetone on your floor in an obtrusive spot. If there's no damage to your floor, dab a little acetone onto the super glue to see if it comes off.


Step 3

Scrape the super glue off, lightly. Try dabbing the nail polish or acetone, and then try scraping it off with your nail.

Step 4

Sand the super glue off using very fine sand paper. Sand paper will probably ruin the finish on your floor, but it may look better than super glue.


Step 5

Use a razor blade to trim the worst of the super glue off the laminate flooring. Then try using acetone, nail polish or sand paper on the remainder.


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