How to Preserve a Diploma

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Things You'll Need

  • Photo book

  • Cotton gloves

  • Display case

How to Preserve a Diploma. It takes years of hard work, commitment and sacrifice to receive any diploma. The condition of your high school, college or graduate diploma is an indicator of how seriously you take your educational experience. Honor your academic success by reading these steps to preserve your diploma.


Step 1

Create an exact copy of your diploma for daily presentation to preserve your original diploma. An effort at replicating the paper type and ink of the original diploma lends legitimacy to the duplicated document.

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Step 2

Mount your diploma in a glass display case to preserve the document for years to come. A glass case with a display light protects your diploma while showing your accomplishments to friends.

Step 3

Remove a framed diploma from your wall after parties and meetings at your home. Place the diploma in a safe storage place between events you host to decrease the risk of damage.

Step 4

Dust your diploma frame or case on a weekly basis to cut down on damage to your diploma. A collection of dust and dirt on your diploma can cause discoloration of the ink over time.


Step 5

Combine your photo collection with your diploma in a large photo book to maximize your preservation efforts. The clean backing materials and plastic covers of a photo book allow viewers to see the diploma without making contact.

Step 6

Keep a pair of cotton gloves near your diploma to handle this important document with care. Cotton gloves keep greases and acids from your hand from ruining the integrity of a diploma.


Step 7

Slide your diploma into a plastic sleeve if you plan on traveling or bringing this document to another location. These sleeves can be found at photo shops and comic book stores to make your diploma more mobile.

Step 8

Consult with a local frame shop to assess preservation options for your diploma after graduation. A framer can look at your diploma and listen to your desired approach for presentation and storage to give you an accurate quote.


Step 9

Cut down on the cost of preserving your diploma by purchasing supplies through your alma mater. Schools work with third-party vendors who offer frames, leather-bound covers and other tools that help protect your diploma.


Apply even pressure to your diploma when it is not displayed. Your diploma should be placed between documents and keepsakes of similar size to prevent bowing. A good way to preserve the shape of your diploma is to place it horizontally instead of vertically in a storage container.


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