How to Remove a Fallen Tree

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How to Remove a Fallen Tree. A fallen tree is not only an unpleasant eyesore but a hazard that can cause fire, the threat of further falling and even house pests. It's important that you remove a fallen tree from a property as quickly as possible so it causes no further damage. Follow these steps to remove the tree safely and efficiently.


Step 1

Find out about permits. It may seem strange, but most cities and counties have ordinances related to the removal of any tree from a property, fallen or not. Removing a tree from a property has significant effects on water absorption and runoff, so speak with your municipality about any permits that might be needed to remove the tree.

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Step 2

Make the area around the tree safe. A fallen tree is a danger at all times. Power lines might have been damaged near the tree or the tree might be resting precariously on some unseen obstruction. Make sure the area is safe before you start working to remove it.

Step 3

Chop the tree. Begin from the top to remove the tree's branches. Work your way down until you have stripped the tree's trunk of all branches. Then divide the tree into manageable slices (which should get narrower towards the tree's trunk). Use a chain saw to cut the tree into these slices. If the wood is good and dry, you can save it for firewood.


Step 4

Dispose of the wood. There are a number of ways to deal with the chopped wood. You can use a professionally equipped tree service to come and grind the chunks of the tree to sawdust and haul it away. If you have a need for firewood, move the wood to a safe, dry area for storage. Some municipalities will pick up smaller-sized dead branches and wood debris with trash collection or special recycling runs.


The emerald ash borer, a costly and destructive pest, has been found in firewood and tree debris in many parts of the United States. Before disposing of wood from your fallen tree, check with your local agricultural extension to find out if emerald ash borer control measures are in place in your area.

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