How to Adjust Toilet Lift Chains

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How to Adjust Toilet Lift Chains. Toilets, for the most part, are simple fixtures when it comes to repair. There are only two sections that can cause problems, the toilet bowl or the tank. If you think your toilet troubles are caused by its lift chain, follow these simple steps to make some minor adjustments to the chain quickly and easily.


Things You'll Need

  • Toilet Tank

  • Lift Chain

  • Needle Nose Pliers

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Step 1

Remove the tank's cover and locate the toilet lift chain. It will be connected to the flapper valve.

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Step 2

Determine that the lift chain is causing problems with your toilet and not another part of the fixture, like the flush and/or flapper valves.

Step 3

Check to see that the lift chain hasn't bent or become caught on the toilet's float arm or float ball. Also look to see that the chain is not keeping the flapper from resting on the valve seat. If the chain is too long, it might be caught under the flapper and if it's too short, it won't allow the flapper to seat.


Step 4

Alter the chain until it suspends straight down from the lever of the handle. Leave about one-half inch of loose chain.

Step 5

Adjust any slack in the tank's chain. Fasten the chain through another hole in the handle or use needle nose pliers to eliminate extra links. Replace broken chains with new ones. Broken chains should be exchanged for new ones.


Step 6

Replace the tank cover.

Step 7

Visit your local hardware store if your lift chain needs to be replaced. Bring the old chain with you to be sure you get the correct replacement part.


Some toilet tanks have guide wires instead of lift chains. Surplus chain can be removed or left hanging.


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