19 Clever Ways to Refashion Your Clothes

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Refashion your clothes
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Clever Ways to Refashion Your Clothes

Did you know that your box of outdated clothing waiting to get dropped off at the thrift store could actually be a gold mine? That's right! If you know how to sew a straight line, you can turn your old clothes into stylish new treasures.

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sweater dress
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Repurpose Sweaters Into a Dress

Stay warm and comfy, and look stylish this winter in a dress made from a couple of old sweaters. Sweater weather never looked so good.

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Sweater to Mittens = "Smittens"

If you're smitten with mittens, you'll love making these warm "smittens" from old sweaters. They are perfect for you and everyone on your holiday gift list.

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Make a cardigan cowl out of a sweater.
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Make a Cardigan Cowl Out of a Sweater

This soft, warm and chic DIY sweater cowl will keep you fashionable throughout the fall and winter months. It's made from an old cardigan and would be perfect for you or a lucky someone on your gift list this holiday season.

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faux-buttoned sweater leg warmers
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Make Leg Warmers From Sweater Sleeves

Make use of an old sweater by using the sleeves to make some cute and stylish leg warmers. To turn up the cute factor and give your leg warmers some extra personality, add some fun buttons.

Refashion your clothes
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DIY Beret From an Old Sweater

If you're just beginning to sew, this DIY sweater beret project would be a great place to start. Just find an old sweater with a nice color or design, grab your scissors and some pins, and before you know it, you'll have a warm beret to pair with your scarves for the cold winter months.

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Make a snow skirt from an old jacket.
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Make a Snow Skirt From a Ski Jacket

If you like wearing skirts throughout the winter months, you can look chic and keep warm in this cute snow skirt made from an old ski jacket.

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Refashion your clothes
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Transform a Pullover Into a Cardigan Jacket

Transform your unflattering pullover sweater into a more versatile cardigan jacket. It'll give you more outerwear options, and it looks great as a layered piece.

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sweater tote
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Create a Winter Tote From an Old Houndstooth Sweater

When the weather turns cold, create a cozy sweater bag to keep your books and laptop warm.

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Upcycle a blanket into a clutch.
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Upcycle a Blanket Into a Clutch

You can upcycle an old thrift store blanket into a beautiful clutch. This project is a perfect DIY holiday gift that is both affordable and practical.

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Recycle a sweater into faux fur boot sweaters.
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Recycle a Sweater into Faux Fur Boot Sweaters

Some people make sweaters for their husbands. Some people make sweaters for their dogs. Some people even make sweaters for their cats. Why not make sweaters for your old boots?!

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Transform Plain Shirt Into Trendy Swing Top
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Transform a Plain Shirt Into a Trendy Swing Top

Instead of throwing away those expensive catalogues, thinking you can't afford the clothes inside, use them as inspiration to update clothes you already have.

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Make Headbands Out of Shirts
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Make Headbands Out of Shirts

Convert those old beloved T-shirts you have around the house into cute Celtic knot headbands. Make one in every color for you and your little girls.

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Turn Pants Into Shorts
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Turn Pants Into Shorts

Get more life out of those too-short pants that your kids have outgrown. Simply cut them off, add a cute cuff to the bottom, and your kids will be the best dressed kids on the block.

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kimono from a dress
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Make a Kimono Cardigan Out of a Dress

Update an old dress from the 90s by making it into a flattering, long, flowing cardigan. Pair it with skinny jeans and some high heels or boots for a classy new look.

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patchwork jeans
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No-Sew Patchwork Jeans

Bring an artsy look to your jeans by adding some denim scraps. Absolutely no sewing is required for this fun and easy project.

peasant blouse before and after
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Turn a Button-Down Shirt Into a Peasant Blouse

Channel your inner hippy and make an off-the-shoulder peasant blouse from an old button-down shirt.

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apron made from shirts
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Make Aprons From Shirts

Make cooking fun by wearing this colorful, flirty apron made from an old button-down shirt. Mix and match the colors to create your favorite dishes in style.

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