How to Drain Gas From a Rigid Pressure Washer

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Things You'll Need

  • Spare gas container

  • Hand siphon

Making repairs to fuel-related parts of your Rigid pressure washer requires emptying the fuel tank. One way of emptying the fuel tank is to allow the engine to run until the tank is empty. The better way to drain gas from a Rigid pressure washer is with a hand siphon. A hand siphon has two tubes that connect to a bulb. The bulb suctions the fuel from the tank and expels the fuel through the second tube. Hand siphons are available at hardware stores.


Step 1

Position the Rigid pressure washer on a flat surface. Remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug. This will help prevent any accidental sparks while you are siphoning gas from the fuel tank.

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Step 2

Place a spare gas container next to the pressure washer near the fuel tank. Turn the gas cap on the fuel tank counterclockwise with your hand and remove it from the fuel tank. Remove the cap from the spare gas container.

Step 3

Insert the solid tube of the hand siphon into the pressure washer fuel tank. Place the end of the hand siphon flexible tube into the spare gas container.

Step 4

Hold the hand siphon upright so the bulb at the top is pointing upward. Squeeze and release the hand siphon bulb to siphon the gas from the pressure washer into the gas container.

Step 5

Continue squeezing and releasing the bulb until all of the gas is out of the pressure washer fuel tank.


Never siphon gas orally.


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