How to Relocate a Toilet Drain

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Things You'll Need

  • Wrench

  • Hack saw

  • Reciprocal saw

  • Tape measure

  • Pencil

  • Jig saw

  • Flange

  • PVC drain pipe

  • Pipe fittings (t-fittings and elbow joints as necessary)

  • PVC adhesive

  • Construction adhesive

Relocating a toilet drain is a project with several challenges. You must cut into your floor to make a new drain hole, and plumb the drain to the home's main line . However, if you take time to prepare for the job, it is much easier. You will need some plumbing skills in order to complete this task, along with the ability to handle some heavy power tools. The entire job takes a full weekend to complete in most cases.


Step 1

Remove the old toilet by loosening the mounting bolts on the base of the toilet with a wrench. Turn the water line to the toilet off and disconnect the water supply to the toilet under the tank by turning the connector counter-clockwise. Pull the toilet off the flange and move it aside and out of the way.


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Step 2

Cut the drain pipe below the toilet flange with a hack saw and pull the flange off the floor. If the flange is stuck, you may need to cut it out of the floor with a reciprocal saw.

Step 3

Locate the new drain. The center of the drain is placed 12 inches from the back wall, and 15 inches or more from the closest side wall for standard toilets. If there is tile on the floor, remove with a hammer and chisel. Set a new flange in the new drain location. Trace around the flange to draw the hole for the new drain with a pencil Cut out the hole with a jig saw.


Step 4

Install the new flange by setting it in the new drain hole. Connect PVC drain pipe to the flange and run it to your home's main stack. Ensure the drain has a 1/4-inch per foot grade to the main stack, using a tape measure to measure the grade.

Step 5

Cut into the stack with the hack saw, where the new drain intersects the stack and install a t-fitting here. Connect the new drain to the t-fitting. Remove all the drain parts and assemble them again one-by-one, this time using PVC adhesive on each end of the fittings and pipes.


Step 6

Bolt the flange to the floor using mounting bolts or construction adhesive. Install the mounting bolts in the mount slots. Set a new wax ring on the flange and set the new toilet on the wax ring. Thread on the bolt nuts and tighten to install the toilet.


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