How to Cut Curves in Concrete

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Concrete is used to create lasting fixtures in your home and yard. Forming and pouring a straight edge on your concrete fixture is a relatively straightforward process. Cutting a straight line in a piece of concrete is also a rather uncomplicated process. But, if you want to add flair and personality to your concrete fixtures, try cutting curved lines. This may be accomplished by cutting one small portion of the curve at a time and removing excess concrete.


Cutting curves in concrete allows you to add personality to your landscaping.
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Things You'll Need

  • Pencil

  • Rope (1/4 Inch By 100 Feet)

  • Concrete Saw

  • Safety Glasses

  • Dust Mask

  • Hearing Protection

  • Shears

  • Work Gloves

Step 1

Cut a piece of rope with your shears. Make it long enough to outline your entire curve. Lay the piece of rope onto the concrete and arrange it into the exact shape you want to achieve with your cut.


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Step 2

Hold the rope firmly against the concrete. Drag the tip of your pencil along the concrete against the rope. Follow the entire rope to draw the outline on the concrete. Remove the rope from the work area.

Step 3

Start your concrete saw. Hold it securely with both hands with the spinning blade above the concrete. Lower the blade of the saw so that it digs 1/8 inch into the concrete. Trace around the entire curved design with your blade.


Step 4

Repeat the cut again and again going a little deeper with each pass. Never pass across your curve line and into your final design with the saw blade. Cut out chunks of concrete on the discard side of your design to complete the curve.

Step 5

Remove the scrap pieces of concrete from the area once your cut is complete. Discard the scrap concrete and sweep the area to remove any dust or debris.


Work gloves, safety glasses, a dust mask (or respirator) and hearing protection are required when using a concrete saw.



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