How to Make a Model Human Heart Out of Dough for Kids

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While many kids are more familiar with the the heart shape that features a pointed bottom and two rounded bumps at the top, the actual human heart has a very different shape. Teaching kids about the actual shape of the heart can give them a better idea of how the heart functions within the body. Making a model of the heart from dough offers an easy way for kids to gain a better understanding of what the heart looks like.


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Things You'll Need

  • Blue Food Coloring

  • Red Food Coloring

Step 1

Separate about 2 pounds of white or pale brown dough into two sections. One section should consist of about 1/2 pound and the other about 1 1/2 pounds. Set the smaller section aside.

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Step 2

Form the lump of dough into a rough oval shape. Keep the dough rounded instead of flattening it out. The top of the oval should be slightly larger than the bottom.


Step 3

Position the oval of dough on the table in front of you. Angle the top slightly to the left.


Step 4

Separate the remaining dough into four equal sections. Add red food coloring to two of the sections and blue food coloring to the other two. Knead the dough to mix the color throughout.


Step 5

Roll the four sections into short tube shapes, keeping them about as wide as half of the larger end of the heart oval. Keep the tube shapes about 1 inch long.



Step 6

Position the first blue tube along the top of the heart toward the far left side of the larger end. Press the end of the blue tube onto the heart and smooth the edges to secure it in place. This blue tube represents the vena cava -- the major vein in the body.


Step 7

Add a red tube to the right of the first blue tube and press it in place. This tube represents the aorta -- the major artery in the body.


Step 8

Press the second blue tube in place to the right of the first red tube. This tube serves as the pulmonary artery that brings blood from the heart to the lungs.

Step 9

Add the second red tube toward the back of the oval on the right side, about a 1/3 of the way down the heart. This red tube represents the pulmonary vein that brings the blood from the lungs to the heart.


You can also dye each half of the heart red or blue. The right side should be blue. The left side should be red.


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