How to Fix a Wobbly Sink Pedestal

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Things You'll Need

  • Adjustable wrench

  • 2-foot carpenter's level

  • Wooden shims

  • Utility knife

Pedestal sinks provide the illusion of additional floor space.

Pedestal sinks are the perfect solution for outfitting a small bathroom. Even the largest pedestal has a smaller footprint than a bathroom cabinet. In addition, while a bathroom vanity may be more practical for storage, a pedestal sink feels more elegant. Many pedestal sinks are installed by bolting them to the floor, hiding the hardware behind the pedestal. The bowl of the sink then rests atop the pedestal and is bolted to the wall. A wobbly pedestal is the result of the floor not being level. In most cases, fixing the wobbly pedestal is a simple repair job.


Step 1

Loosen the bolts holding the sink from the wall. Use an adjustable wrench to turn the bolts counterclockwise and loosen them just enough so that you can wiggle the sink a little.

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Step 2

Unscrew the bolts that attach the pedestal to the floor by turning them counterclockwise.

Step 3

Check the floor beneath the pedestal to see what may have caused it to wobble. A tile may have cracked or house settling may have caused hardwood floors to shift. Taking a peek under the pedestal gives you the opportunity to make any necessary repairs.

Step 4

Place the pedestal back in place but do not bolt it to the floor yet. Place the sink on top. Insert a wooden shim underneath the pedestal. Place a level across the top of the sink and insert or remove shims as necessary.


Step 5

Cut off the end of the shim with a sharp utility knife. Reassemble the sink and pedestal. The pedestal's bolts should be snug but not too tight to avoid cracking the pedestal.


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