How to Change the Light in a Lifestyle Kitchen

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The LifeStyle Dream Kitchen is a realistic toy kitchen for children age 2 and up. The set comes with an oven, refrigerator and 37 other plastic parts to complete the "cooking" experience. Changing the kitchen's overhead LED light is a simple task if the AAA batteries become depleted or if the unit itself burns out. See Tips if you need to order a replacement part for the Dream Kitchen.


Step 1

Remove the screws on either side of the light attaching it to the kitchen.

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Step 2

Pull the light fixture off the kitchen and turn it over to reveal the battery compartment.

Step 3

Pry out the AAA batteries and insert replacements, if necessary. Alternatively add two AAA's into the new light fixture.

Step 4

Place the light back onto its mount and tighten the screws back in place. Press the "On/Off" button to test the light.


Call 800-347-8372 Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET in the United States to order replacement parts.

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