How to Make Gum Wrapper Hearts

Gum wrappers usually end up in the trash, but they don't have to. If you are an avid gum chewer and like to save those colorful wrappers for crafts, try making them into origami hearts. You can give them away to a secret crush or attach them to greeting cards and scrapbooks. Stick the gum in your mouth and get started on your wrapper hearts.

Gum wrapper hearts are a fun crafts project for kids. (Image: Michele Andersen)

Step 1

Smooth out the wrapper. (Image: Michele Andersen)

Remove the gum from the wrapper and unfold. Lay the wrapper on a flat surface and smooth it out with your hand.

Step 2

Fold wrapper in half vertically. (Image: Michele Andersen)

Lay the paper down vertically and fold it in half. Your crease should be horizontal and the inside of the wrapper should be on the inside of the fold.

Step 3

Fold the wrapper in half again. (Image: Michele Andersen)

Fold the wrapper in half again, but this time the other way to create a vertical crease and open it back up. Don't undo the first fold, just the second.

Step 4

Opening should be at the top. (Image: Michele Andersen)

Flip the wrapper upside down so the opening is now at the top.

Step 5

Fold down top two corners to create a point. (Image: Michele Andersen)

Fold the top two corners down to the inner crease to create a point. It should now look like a house.

Step 6

Fold in opposite corners. (Image: Michele Andersen)

Flip the wrapper back over so the point is now at the bottom. Fold the two top corners just slightly in.

Step 7

Tear along top crease. (Image: Michele Andersen)

Tear along the crease from the top about half an inch.

Step 8

Fold in flaps to create a "V" shape. (Image: Michele Andersen)

Fold the two flaps in to create the top "V" of the heart.

Step 9

Smooth out the heart on top. (Image: Michele Andersen)

Fold the two points of the heart down to create a smooth shape on top.

Step 10

Smooth ridges of the wrapper. (Image: Michele Andersen)

Fold the sides of the heart in to hide the ridges of the gum wrapper.

Step 11

It's easy to create a charming gum wrapper heart. (Image: Michele Andersen)

Flip over and you've got a gum wrapper heart!


If possible, use a gum wrapper with a bright color like red, pink or purple, or find one that has a unique design on it.

Make Valentine's Day cards out of construction paper and then paste your gum wrapper hearts to the front using white or craft glue.

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