Getting Acrylic Paint Out of Furniture Upholstery

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You can get acrylic paint out of furniture upholstery.
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The three main kinds of paint are oil, latex and acrylic. The latter is chemical-based and water-resistant, and it dries very fast. It works best on smaller areas for these very reasons, but this also makes it harder to remove these stubborn paint stains from surfaces and materials. You will have a better chance if the paint is still wet, but you also have a shot at success if the paint has already dried.


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Removing Acrylic Paint From Upholstery

If acrylic paint has dripped onto your furniture upholstery and is still wet, you can try flushing the stained fabric with warm water and mixing a solution of equal parts dishwashing liquid soap and warm water. Dip in a sponge and see if you are able to remove the stain with this mixture.

If the acrylic paint has dried, scrape off any excess with a dull-edged knife. Combine equal parts cool water and liquid hand dishwashing detergent, dip in a sponge and tamp the dried paint vigorously. Keep rinsing and repeating until the stain is gone. You can also try blotting the stain with acetone, but test this on a hidden area first.


Acrylic paint-stained leather upholstery can be treated in much the same way. Carefully rub off the paint using a damp cloth and if the stain softens enough, you may be able to scrape it off with a credit card. Nonacetone nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol can also work, but again, test it first and also be sure to use only a little bit at a time. Afterward, wipe down the leather with a clean, damp cloth and treat it with leather conditioner.

Removing Acrylic Paint From Other Surfaces

When removing dried acrylic paint stains on plastic or wood, you can use a damp paper towel to remove as much of the stain as possible as well as any surrounding dirt and dust. Pour a bit of vegetable oil onto a second paper towel and press it onto the stain for about a minute. Start wiping and see how much of the paint comes off. You can scrape off any remaining paint with a plastic scraper.


You can also try denatured alcohol, which can be used in the same way as the oil. Be sure to use a cotton ball instead of a paper towel, though. When using either of these stain removal methods, clean off the area afterward with a damp, soapy washcloth and dry completely with paper towels.

Removing Acrylic Paint From Clothing

If there's paint on your furniture, there is probably paint on your clothes as well. These stains can also be removed. If the stain is still wet, hold the clothing under cold running water until the mark starts to fade. Treat the fabric with a stain pretreatment product as directed on the package and launder in warm water. Do not put the clothing in the dryer unless the stain is completely gone.


If the stain is dry, try using nail polish remover, an alcohol-based hairspray or rubbing alcohol. Always test a hidden area first and only use a little bit at a time. If this works, you can now follow the same steps as you would if the stain were wet.