How to Make Pine Needle Pillows

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Things You'll Need

  • Dead pine tree

  • Broom and pan

  • Newsprint

  • Fabric

  • Needle and thread

The fragrance of pine trees depends on the species.

Pine needle pillows recycle the aroma and smell of a pine tree. They are especially popular to make after Christmas, when the Christmas tree is taken down. The woodsy fragrance of the pine needle pillow will endure much longer than the tree. Recycle your Christmas tree into a pine needle pillow that you can enjoy year-round.


Step 1

Use pine needles from a dead tree, as fresh pine needles are not as aromatic. If using needles from an indoor Christmas tree, avoid watering the tree for several days after it has started to die.

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Step 2

Move the tree outdoors for three days to allow the needles to dry out even more. Protect the tree from rain or moisture. Move the tree to the garage if rain or snow is expected.


Step 3

Lay newspaper under the tree to strip the needles from the tree. Tap the tree on its stump to cause the needles to fall. Use a gloved hand to pull the branches and remove remaining needles. Begin pulling at the bottom of the tree and work your way up to the top.

Step 4

Make a pillowcase out of a breathable, but tightly stitched fabric, such as linen, muslin, gingham or flannel. This will allow the scent to escape while keeping the needles inside. Cut two 15-inch squares of fabric. Align the squares on top of each other and pin the sides. Stitch along three sides, removing the pins as you sew. Stitch half of the fourth side, leaving an opening for the needles. Make stitches close to the edge to minimize the seam.


Step 5

Turn the piece inside out to hide raw edges. Fill the pillow case by inserting pine needles through the opening. Stitch the opening closed.


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