How to Make Fake Teeth Out of Clay

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Things You'll Need

  • White polymer clay

  • Pink polymer clay

  • Plastic rolling pin

You can create basic human teeth or something more exotic.

Teeth tell a lot about an animal. Sharp teeth indicate a predator, while the flat molars of an herbivore are used for chewing plants. Sharks have multiple rows of serrated teeth, and even fantasy creatures like vampires are identified by their iconic fangs. Whether you're teaching children about the different types of teeth or would just like some fake fangs to display, sculpting teeth out of clay is a fairly simple process.


Step 1

Roll and knead the white clay until it is soft and warm. Tear off a pinch of clay and roll it into a small ball. Pinch the top of the ball to form a teardrop shape and press the rounded end gently on the table to flatten it, creating the bottom of a tooth.

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Step 2

Continue making basic teeth until you have enough for a mouthful. To create fangs, tear off a larger piece of clay and press the basic teardrop shape onto the table to flatten the back, pinching the point to give it a sharper look. Bake the teeth according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Step 3

Roll the pink clay into a "snake" about 1/2 inch thick to create the gums. Flatten the sides of the snake to create a slightly rounded rectangular strip. Press the teardrop ends of the baked teeth into the soft clay to set them, and bake the strips teeth-side-up to harden.


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