How to Make a Tri-Cornered Hat With Construction Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • 1 sheet white paper

  • 3 sheets construction paper (same color)

  • Ruler

  • Stapler

Make a tri-cornered hat out of construction paper.

Tri-cornered hats have brims with three points and people wore them during the colonial era. Some early American presidents wore tri-cornered hats. Make your own tri-cornered hat to celebrate President's Day, to use as part of a school lesson about colonial times or to wear with a Halloween costume. Create a simple tri-cornered hat with children using basic craft supplies. Children can make this hat craft with some assistance.


Step 1

Lay one sheet of white paper on a flat surface. Draw a 9-inch straight line lengthwise on the paper with a ruler and a pencil. Draw a 2-inch long perpendicular line at each end of the first line.

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Step 2

Place the point of your pencil at the top of the perpendicular line on the left. Move the pencil to the right, drawing a line that curves upwards. Make the highest point of the curve over the center of the horizontal line. Continue to draw the line curving downward and over to the top point of the second perpendicular line.

Step 3

Cut out the shape on the drawn lines. Place the shape in the center of one of the sheets of construction paper and trace around it with a pencil. Repeat the same process on the remaining two sheets of construction paper.

Step 4

Cut out all three shapes from the construction paper. Layer two of the shapes together, matching the edges precisely. Staple the left shorter edges of the two paper shapes together. Pull apart the two paper shapes at the open end.


Step 5

Bring the inner side of the left shorter end of the third shape and the right shorter end of one of the first two shapes together and staple them. Bring the inner sides of the two remaining loose ends together and staple them.


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