How to Install a Utilitech Motion Activated Floodlight

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A Utilitech Motion Activated Floodlight is a great way to add light to your backyard at night. The light automatically comes on when it senses motion in the yard. The sensor is built into the light so you want to install the floodlight where it can pick up motion easily. If you do not have electrical wires going to the outside, you must install the wiring before you can install the motion-activated light. Often this requires long runs of electrical wires that necessitate running inside and through exterior walls. Installing the actual light is relatively easy, but if you are not accustomed to running electrical wires through walls, you should leave installing the feed wires up to a professional.


Things You'll Need

  • Wire Nuts

  • Round Outlet Box

  • Electrical Tape

  • Wire Strippers

  • 2-Inch-Long Deck Screws

  • Screwdriver

  • Wire Cutters

  • Silicone Caulk

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Step 1

Turn off the home's main circuit breaker or locate and turn off the breaker that controls the circuit where you plan to install the motion-activated floodlight.

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Step 2

Slide the electrical cable coming from the wall thorough the strain relief tab located on the back of the round outlet box that you plan to secure to the wall. The floodlight attaches to the outlet box.


Step 3

Fill the hole where the wires come through the wall with silicone caulk to prevent water from getting into the wall.

Step 4

Press the round box against the wall. The strain relief goes into the hole in the wall. Secure the box to the wall with 2-inch-long decking screws using a screwdriver.


Step 5

Cut the cable extending out of the round box to a length of 6 inches with wire cutters. Strip the casing off the cable with wire strippers and then strip approximately 1/2 inch of the coating off each of the wires in the cable.

Step 6

Thread the black wire coming from the floodlight to the black wire coming from the wall and secure the wires together with a wire nut. Wrap the wire nut with electrical tape to keep the nut from coming off over time. Repeat this with both white wires and then secure the green or bare wires together. If the wire coming from the wall is bare and the wire coming from the light is green, secure the green and bare wire together.

Step 7

Tuck the wires into the round box and then secure the floodlight to the round box with the machine screws supplied with the light.



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