How to Troubleshoot the Solenoid Valve on Rainbird Automatic Sprinklers

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A sprinkler will not work properly if the solenoid valve is faulty.

Rain Bird sprinklers are electrically wired to turn on and off according to the settings on a controller. An electric current runs through the solenoid, telling it when to allow water into the water sprinkler system, how much water to allow and when to turn off the water flow. Most problems with the solenoid valve are due to debris in the solenoid unit or because of faulty wiring and bad current. Proper troubleshooting will help you determine the issue with the unit.


Step 1

Locate the solenoid on the water valve.

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Step 2

Unscrew the plunger from the valve by turning the solenoid counterclockwise.

Step 3

Remove any dirt or debris from inside the plunger well. Insert the solenoid and test the unit.

Step 4

Remove the wires from the solenoid unit by pulling on the connectors.

Step 5

Set a voltmeter, a unit used for the testing of electrical voltage, to the ohms setting.

Step 6

Touch one probe to each of the solenoid wire connectors. You should receive a reading of 20 to 60 ohms. Anything over or under requires you replace the solenoid.

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