How to Change the Blades on a Kubota ZD323

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Things You'll Need

  • Cloth

  • 1/2-inch hexagonal socket wrench

A well-manicured lawn has both aesthetic and practical benefits. In addition to looking nice, it helps keep down insect populations and prevents weeds from overtaking your property. The Kubota ZD323 is a ride-on, diesel-powered mower. It has 23 horsepower and is characterized by its "zero-turn" capability, giving it extra turning capacity in tight spaces. Mower blades, like all blades, dull over time, warranting replacement.


Step 1

Engage the parking brake and disconnect the battery to ensure the mower's motor doesn't somehow accidentally engage.

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Step 2

Place a cloth around the blade to protect yourself from accidental injury.


Step 3

Use a 1/2-inch hexagonal socket wrench to unscrew the bolt anchoring the blade. Carefully remove the old blade.

Step 4

Position the new blade with the curled part of the blade facing upward and the sharper cutting edge facing downward.


Step 5

Align the star with the mandril. The mandril is a small, multi-sided metallic object under the mower deck that attaches to the blade.

Step 6

Use the socket wrench to tighten the bolt.

Step 7

Reconnect the battery.


Wear safety gloves for maximum protection, in addition to placing the cloth around the blade.


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