How to Replace the Cord of a Rival Crock Pot

Rival is one of the most well-known manufacturers of the crock pot and is actually the original owner of the name. All other crock pot or slow cooker brands are named after the Rival version. Over time, a crock pot cord may become damaged, cracked or broken. When this occurs, stop using the crock pot immediately. Find an authorized replacement cord before using the crock pot again. If you cannot find a replacement cord, then replace the entire crock pot.

Step 1

Locate the model number of your crock pot. This information is typically located at the bottom of the crock pot. If the label has faded or been removed, you can also find the model number in the instruction manual that came with the crock pot.

Step 2

Visit the Rival Crock Pot website at Click on the "Replacement Parts" tab. Enter the model number into the space provided. After entering the information, all available replacement parts will appear as a list, including any available cord replacements.

Step 3

Call the crock pot customer service line at 1-800-323-9519 if you do not see any cords listed for your model. If you have an older version of a Rival crock pot, replacement parts may be difficult or impossible to find. Talk to a customer service representative about locating a replacement cord, or if any cords from other crock pot models will fit your crock pot.

Step 4

Remove the original plug from the back of the crock pot when the new cord comes in. Fit the plastic side of the plug into the prongs in the back of the crock pot before plugging it into the wall.


Do not use the crock pot with a faulty cord. This can cause electrocution or fires, which can be extremely unsafe. Only use cords approved for use with your model by Rival.