How to Carry Sheet Glass

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Things You'll Need

  • Safety glasses

  • Thick leather working gloves

  • Steel-toed boots

  • Glass cleaner

  • Clean, dry cloth

  • Suction pads, frames or josters

  • Straps or slings

Sheet glass is replaced for all kinds of reasons, including bullet holes.

Whether you are installing a wall-sized bathroom mirror or replacing a broken picture window, you may have the task of carrying sheet glass from the installer's truck to the spot where they'll be installed. According to the Glass and Glazing Federation's Glass Handling, Storage and Transport Code of Practice manual, sheet glass can be hand-carried by one or two people, lifted and carried in a sling by a couple of people, or moved in a custom webbed cradle via a crane using a trained operator, depending upon the size of the sheet.


Step 1

Put on protective gear, including safety glasses and thick gloves. Steel-toed boots also prevent injuries from falling glass.

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Step 2

Inspect the condition of the sheet glass. If there are any cracks, do not to try to carry that piece of glass. Note sharp edges and avoid handling that area of the edge. Apply duct tape or masking tape to edges to protect your body and alert others to the problem so the offending edge can be properly repaired by trimming or grinding.

Step 3

Check the route. Depending upon the size of the sheet, move furniture and other obstacles so you'll have plenty of room to maneuver your load.

Step 4

Prepare a soft, cushioned resting place at the spot at which you'll set the sheet glass down. Arrange the spot so that, at rest, the weight of the sheet glass will be spread out across most of the bottom edge to avoid stress points that can cause cracks and breakage.


Step 5

Clean and dry the surface of the glass. Place each suction pad flush against the surface and work the lever to establish proper suction. Check the suction grip of the pad. If it seems loose, release the suction on the pad and reattach it as needed.

Step 6

Pick up the piece of sheet glass by the edges (use two or three suction pads if the sheet glass is a bit larger (residential window sizes).


If two persons are lifting the glass, coordinate the lifting effort to avoid unevenly stressing the sheet of glass and risking breakage. Keep the glass upright while carrying it.


If the carrying operation is to be a lengthy one, carefully set down the sheet glass at frequent intervals, then release and reattach the suction pads to the sheet glass. This will ensure the suction pads maintain a good grip for the duration of the journey.

Make sure the glass' weight is comfortably within your capacity to carry it.


If a piece of sheet glass you're carrying begins to break or fall from your grasp, don't try to catch it and risk injury. To stay safe, let it fall.


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