How to Make Homemade Rubber Snake Molds

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Things You'll Need

  • Polymer clay

  • Large sewing needle

  • Disposable plastic container

  • Aluminum foil

  • Liquid measuring cup

  • Mold release or cooking spray

  • Silicone rubber molding compound

Rubber snakes are a classic toy used to give a bit of a startle or scare to people on first glance. The simple shape of a crawling snake makes it a good beginning rubber mold project, so you can create your own unlimited supply of rubber snakes to fill your next haunted house, give as gifts, or hide in someone's sock drawer.


Step 1

Soften four tbsp. of polymer clay (any color) by kneading it in your hands until it's pliable. Form the clay into a ball by rolling it between flattened palms.

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Step 2

Roll out the clay on a smooth, hard work station beneath flat hands using a back-and-forth motion. Form it into a coil about 3/4 inches thick at the middle. Make the ends a little thinner than this, tapered down from the middle by spending more time pressing and rolling. Make one end thinner than the other, for the tail.


Step 3

Press a fingertip to the "head" end of the snake and roll your finger to round off the shape.

Step 4

Pinch the opposite end (tail) into a point.

Step 5

Use a sewing needle to carve lines for the snake's mouth, eyes and nostrils into the head end. If you'd like, carve the shape of scales along the snakes body using staggered rows of "U" shapes.


Step 6

Line the bottom of the disposable container with a piece of aluminum foil. Arrange the snake in the bottom of the container. Curl the body into whatever pose you want for your finished snake mold.

Step 7

Remove the aluminum foil carefully with the posed snake still in place. Place on a baking sheet and oven bake according to the clay manufacturer's instructions. Let the snake cool, then place it back in the container.


Step 8

Pour water into the container until the snake is covered. Pour the water into a measuring cup to see how much you have; this is the quantity of silicone rubber you'll need to make your mold.

Step 9

Dry the snake and inside of the container. Spray the top of the snake and the inside of the container with mold release agent or cooking spray.


Step 10

Mix the silicone rubber according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 11

Pour the rubber liquid over the snake. Let it harden and cure according to manufacturer's instructions.


Step 12

Turn the container upside-down to release the mold. Carefully peel the clay snake out of the bottom of the rubber to reveal the mold shape.


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