How to Make Medieval Armor From Foil

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Things You'll Need

  • Aluminum foil

  • Scissors

  • Paper plates

  • Stapler

  • Twine, 1-inch wide

You can make a medieval armor costume using household materials.

When you are creating a medieval knight's outfit for a costume party or for a class play, you can make the outfit look more realistic by using shiny plate mail armor to replicate what a knight may have worn hundreds of years ago. Instead of buying an expensive set of plate mail armor from a costume shop, you can make your own medieval armor using a few basic materials purchased inexpensively from an arts and crafts supply store.


Step 1

Cut out 24 squares from aluminum foil using scissors to measure 18 inches on all sides.

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Step 2

Place 24 paper plates face down onto a flat surface and lay an aluminum foil square over each plate. Wrap the edges of each foil squares over the convex side of each plate. This will make each plate look metallic.


Step 3

Place three of the foil-covered plates into a row, then place three more foil-covered plates into a row on top of the other three. Overlap the second row over the first row by 2-inches. Staple the plates together in place using a stapler. Repeat this process to staple together four rows of three foil-covered plates. This becomes the front of the medieval plate armor.


Step 4

Staple together 12 more foil-covered plates in the same manner as before to create the back of the medieval plate armor.

Step 5

Cut four pieces of twine using scissors to measure 6 inches long each.


Step 6

Staple two pieces of twine onto one side of the front piece of armor, positioning each piece of twine four inches from the corner edge. Repeat this process to staple two pieces of twine onto the back piece of the armor.

Step 7

Tie the pieces of twine on the front of the armor onto the pieces of twine on the back of the armor to connect the two together. You can now slide the medieval armor over your head to wear it.


Keep sharp staplers and scissors out of the reach of children.



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