How to Make an Origami Pug

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Origami comes from the Japanese words oru, meaning to fold, and kami, meaning paper.

An origami pug is a dog figure constructed out of paper that can be made by following specific folding instructions. There is an array of origami animals that can be created, such as birds, cranes and frogs. The ancient art of origami paper folding originated in China, and was later brought over to Japan. According to Oracle ThinkQuest, origami was used to created more practical products at first, such as letters and other paper items, and evolved into an art form during the Edo Period (1600-1868). An origami dog is very intricate, but can be created by following a very specific folding guide.


Step 1

Place a piece of 6 by 6 paper on a flat surface.

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Step 2

Fold the paper diagonally from the upper right corner to the lower left corner.

Step 3

With the paper folded diagonally, turn it around so it looks like a triangle with a point at the top. Fold the pointed top down until it touches the bottom of the fold. There should be about 1 inch between the folded piece and the the bottom of the right edge.

Step 4

Turn the triangle over so it is upside down. Fold the pointed piece down to the fold to match the folded piece on the other side. It should now resemble a paper airplane.

Step 5

Lay the paper on its side horizontally. Take the edge of the paper on one side and bend it in toward the fold. The edge of the folded portion should meet the triangular point.


Step 6

Fold the paper to the right of the folded portion and crease. Bring that portion of the paper back to its original place, and bring the other folded portion back up so it is sticking up straight.

Step 7

Open up the inside of the folded paper. It should resemble a kite shape. Turn it over. Fold the shorter edge of the paper inward, fold it into the center, and press the left and right folds over the inside folded piece. It should now resemble two triangles: a long, skinny triangle with a shorter triangle projected from its side.


Step 8

Fold the top point of the long, skinny triangle down to the left. Open it back up and fold it in the same way on the other side of the triangle.

Step 9

Open the paper back up so it resembles an opened paper airplane. Crease the top horizontal crease line, and the other lines that are closer to the bottom.


Step 10

Fold the two crease lines on the sides inward, and press the sides together. It should now look like three triangles: a triangle for the tail, one for the body, and one for the head.


Step 11

Turn the paper onto the left side. Fold the point on the head-like triangle down toward the triangle's fold. Open it back up and fold it in about 1/2 inch and crease, so there is a crease near the tip of the head-shaped triangle. Turn the tip of the triangle in and crease.


Step 12

Open up the head-shaped triangle and press the two creases on the right and left sides inward so the smaller triangle is caught inside. Crease. Fold in only the tip of the smallest triangle on the inside.

Step 13

Open up the larger triangle and turn it over. Fold the end with the tip down halfway. Then fold it back up, but fold it in a 1/2 inch from the top. Press the triangle back together. The figure should now resemble a barking pug: a tail, body, head and snout.

Step 14

Gently pull the tail, and the head will move, which simulates a barking dog.

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