How to Install a Smurf Tube 2 Flexible Conduit

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Things You'll Need

  • Conduit supports

  • Hack saw

  • Drill

  • Screws

Electricians use Smurf tube to protect wires from mechanical damage.

Electrical conduit provides a barrier between electrical wires and the environment. This keeps the wires protected and people's hands away from the electricity. "Smurf tube" is the nickname for a type of flexible conduit that is blue in color and made from PVC, and "Smurf tube 2" has a diameter of 2 inches. It can be bent with your hands to make the installation a simple project. Be careful to limit the number of bends to a total of 360 degrees in a full run to facilitate the fishing of electrical wire at the end.

Step 1

Determine the starting and ending point of the conduit run. Measure the length of the run with a measuring tape. Transfer this measurement over the the Smurf Tube 2 conduit and mark the location with a marker.

Step 2

Hold the conduit on a solid surface with the marking just over the edge. Cut the conduit at a slight angle with a hack saw. The purpose of the angle is to cut through only one metal ribbon in the tube.

Step 3

Hold the conduit against the wall in the starting location. Fasten it to the wall within 2 feet of the start with a conduit support, screw and drill.

Step 4

Fasten a support to the wall every 3 feet of conduit.

Step 5

Fasten a conduit support within 2 feet of the end of the run.


Never work around live electrical wires. Always turn the power off at the source before you start your work.