How to Make a 55 Gal Barrel Trap

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Things You'll Need

  • 55-gallon drum (metal or plastic)

  • Table

  • 18-inch wood board piece

  • Water source

  • Shovel (optional)

Using 55-gallon barrel traps is an effective, safe way to trap a wide range of small to mid-size animals like raccoons, adolescent boars and possums. Common trapping methods like wire cages and limb traps can injure the animal's feet or legs as they attempt to escape the trap. In contrast, the round walls and size of the barrel ensure the animal is effectively corralled without hurting itself.


Step 1

Place the barrel next to a table that is taller than the barrel. Alternatively, dig a hole and place the barrel in the ground, ensuring the top of the barrel is below ground level.

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Step 2

Position the 18-inch wood board over the edge of the table so that it reaches half way across the opening of the barrel.

Step 3

Fill the barrel to 1/3 with water. The water will weigh down the animal and the barrel, preventing the animal from jumping out of or tipping the barrel.

Step 4

Place your bait food at the end of the wood plank, prompting the animal to walk out onto the plank. The weight of the animal will cause the plank to tip into the barrel, sending the animal into the trap.


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