The Best Grass for East Texas

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Select grass that performs best for conditions in East Texas.

Growing a successful grass lawn in East Texas takes a grass stands up to sandy soil, high rainfall and humid climate. Several durable grasses are well suited to the eastern portion of the state.


Zoysia Grass

While the grass is non-native to Texas, durable zoysiagrass is suited to the soils and climate of East Texas. It is the lowest growing of the trailing turf grasses and is often used on golf courses and in parks. Zoysiagrass is brown in the dormant state often noted during cooler winter months.


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St. Augustine

One of the best selections for most lawns in east Texas is St. Augustine grass. It is well suited for east Texas soil conditions and stands up the heavy rainfall and humidity. Avoid fertilizing the grass in the summer months to guard against brown spot, which is common on St. Augustine lawns.


Other Grasses

Grasses common to other portions of Texas, do not fair well in the East Texas soil and weather conditions. Non-native Bermudagrass is considered too invasive, while native buffalograss prefers dryer areas of the state



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