The Average Lifespan of Fiberglass Ladders

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Fiberglass ladders are used by professional builders and do-it-yourself enthusiasts because of their desirable properties. Unlike wooden ladders, they do not rot or split and unlike aluminum ladders they do not conduct electricity.


The average lifespan of a fiberglass ladder depends on the location in which it is used, the way in which it is handled and whether or not it is regularly maintained. A fiberglass ladder that has not been maintained at all can be expected to last between one and three years, but its lifetime can be extended by periodic washing and waxing.


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Fiberglass is not as porous as wood, but can nonetheless absorb moisture to some degree. Moisture can accelerate the surface degradation of a fiberglass ladder, particularly in warm climates. Regular waxing reduces the rate at which moisture can penetrate the surface of the ladder.


UV Radiation

Exposing a ladder to high levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the Sun, also accelerates its degradation. UV radiation can penetrate wax, but you can protect a ladder by coating its surface with acrylic lacquer or polyurethane.



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