Is Storing Paint in a Hot Attic a Fire Hazard?

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Store leftover paint in a dry, cool area.

At the conclusion of home improvement projects, there are frequently partially used cans of paint that require storage. Although a home's attic is an appropriate place to store many items, storing paint there can be hazardous.


Storage Temperature

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Oil-based paints can heat to hazardous, combustible levels if stored in a hot attic, near heaters or furnaces, or in direct sunlight. Even though latex paint is not as flammable, both types of paint benefit from storage in a cool, dry place. Avoid freezing temperatures.

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How To Store Paint

Keeping leftover paint on a shelf in a garage or basement off the floor or ground prevents the cans from rusting, and the cool air circulation keeps the paint fresher longer. After tightly securing the lids, store the cans upside down to create a seal around the perimeter of the lid. Put a swipe of the paint on the outside of the can for later identification of its color.


Using Old Paint

Paint normally forms a skin on top during storage. Carefully remove the film with a stick or twig before stirring as trying to incorporate it with the paint below will make the mixture lumpy and unusable.



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