Flower Meanings & Wild Rose

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Wild or species roses have several meanings in the traditional language of flowers.

The term "wild rose" generally means a species rose, untouched by plant breeders, as it is found in its native habitat. Most often species roses are white, pink or red and have five petals apiece. In the traditional language of flowers, wild roses have more than one meaning.


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The Language of Flowers

The "language of flowers," a tradition that ascribes specific meanings and sentiments to various flower types, has roots in ancient China and the Middle East. It arrived in Europe in the early 18th century and became popular during the 19th century reign of Queen Victoria.

Wild Rose Meaning

A single wild rose means "simplicity" in the language of flowers. The dog rose (Rosa canina), a European species rose, means "pleasure and pain." In general, pink roses mean "friendship and happiness," white roses mean "purity" or "I am worthy of you," and red roses mean "love."


Wild Rose Facts

Wild roses from various regions of the world's northern hemisphere are the parents of today's domestic roses. Even roses like the Gallicas, Damasks, Centifolias, which are now referred to as "old roses," were bred from species roses.