Do Morel Mushrooms Grow in Alabama?

Morel mushrooms are found on mountain ridge tops in Alabama.

Morel mushrooms have been found growing in the northern parts of Alabama. Since spring arrives earlier in the South, so do the morels.


Morels were reportedly found in early and mid March on a mountain ridge in Alabama. Alabama morel hunting is best after a very cold winter. Morels prefer to grow in areas that have had a snowfall or extremely cold temps.


Mountain ridges near the Tennessee River are hosts to the morel mushrooms. Temperatures will get cold enough on top of mountain ridges to support morel growth in Alabama. South-facing slopes are too warm for the morel to grow.


Hardwood hickory and ash are predominant hardwood trees in Alabama mountain regions, and morels are found in hickory forests and less so in areas where ash trees dominate. White, yellow and black morels have all been found in Alabama.

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