Cpvc Pipe Max Temperature Rating

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CPVC pipe and fittings.
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Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) pipe is used in construction for instances where high temperature liquids need to flow without compromising the integrity of the pipe.


Maximum Service Temperature

Hot and cold water.
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CPVC pipe is used in residential and commercial buildings for both hot and cold water. Applications that used to be metal pipes only now use CPVC pipe because, according to Harvel.com, the maximum service temperature for CPVC is 200 degrees F and it doesn't suffer from corrosion.


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Although the maximum rated temperature for CPVC is 200 degrees F,Harvel Plastics does not recommend the use of CPVC for threaded connections at temperatures above 150 degrees F. This is due to the possible compromising of the joint sealant that is used with the threaded pipes.



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Instead of using threaded CPVC pipes in high temperature applications Harvel also suggests that flanged joints, unions, or roll grooved couplings be used especially in cases where disassembly is necessary at temperatures between 150 degrees F and 200 degrees F.



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