The Best Time to Plant Grass in Alabama

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Know when to start your lawn.

Alabama's temperate climate supports grass year round, but only certain types of grass. Cooler grasses suffer in the hot summer, while summer grasses turn brown in colder temperatures. Learn when to plant each type of grass for best success.


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Alabama gardeners plant a spring/summer (or "warm season") lawn in early spring or an autumn/winter ("cool season") lawn in autumn. While homeowners all over Alabama can plant either warm-season or cool season lawns, the species of grass that does best varies slightly depending on which region of the state it's growing in.

Warm Season Lawn Planting

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System advises starting a spring lawn by seed in March. It recommends southern Alabama homeowners use bermuda grass, zoysia grass and centipede grass. Northern Alabama gardeners should choose bluegrass and seed blends.


Cool Season Lawn Planting

Gardeners in north and south halves of Alabama should plant their winter lawn in September. Rye grass and fescue make good cool-season grass seed for northern and southern Alabama, according to Outside Pride.