Life Cycle of Grasshoppers

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Grasshoppers are commonly spotted in tall grass as adults.

Much of the grasshopper's lifespan consists of metamorphosis. During these stages, the grasshopper's body transforms in dramatic ways, taking on the powerful back legs and wings that allow adults to leap into the air and fly.



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Grasshoppers hatch in the spring from eggs laid in the grass by their mothers. These eggs can be oval or enlongated and are about the size of a grain of rice, says Animal Corner.

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A nymph is similar to a small adult that doesn't yet have wings or reproductive organs, says Enchanted Learning.



Nymphs molt their skin about 5 times as they grow into adults, according to Hibbert. Each time they become too large for their skin, they grow a new one.


After about a month, or sometimes longer, a nymph becomes an adult. An adult grasshopper lives for 1-2 months, according to Hibbert.



During its adulthood, a grasshopper attempts to reproduce. It lays its eggs toward the end of the summer, says Hibbert, before dying.