What Is the Difference Between a Standard King Size Bedspread & a California King?

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King size bed.

Bedspreads for king size mattresses and California king size mattresses have correspondingly different sizes based on the underlying size of the mattress. This means that a standard bedspread for a king size bed is slightly wider and slightly shorter than a bedspread for a standard California king size mattress.


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Standard Mattress Sizes

In the United States, there are five standard mattress sizes. From smallest to largest, these are: twin, double (or full), queen, king (or Eastern king), and California king (or Western king).

King vs. California King Mattress Sizes

A king size mattress is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. A California king mattress size is 72 inches wide by 84 inches long.


King Bedspread Size

Bedspreads are larger than their intended mattress size because they need extra room for tucking or dropping to the floor (drop length) and tucking the pillows (pillow tuck). With these additions, the standard bedspread size for a king size bed is 102 inches by 121 inches.

California King Bedspread Size

With drop length and pillow tuck, the standard bedspread size for a California king size bedspread is 114 inches by 125 inches.


Customize for Drop Length

Don't be afraid to ask for a customized bedspread. The drop length will vary depending on the height of your bed and the depth of the mattress and mattress cushions.