What Is Langostino Lobster?

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Langostine lobster is known throughout the world, and is not really a true lobster or a prawn, but is a different type of crustacean. It is most closely related to hermit crabs and porcelain crabs.


The word "Langostino" is Spanish in origin, but has different meanings in different areas of the world. In America it is used to refer to the meat of the squat lobster.


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In the United States, Langostino lobster refers to the squat lobster. In Spain, it may refer to some species of prawn, in Cuba it refers to crayfish, and in South America, it refers to red shrimp.


Langostino lobster is used as a food, and is popular in sea food restaurants around the world.


The crustaceans known as Langostino lobster grow no longer than three inches in length, and weigh no more than seven ounces.



Langostine lobsters are often confused with Norway lobsters, or langoustines, which are true lobsters and popular in European dishes.


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