How Far Away From Cabinets Should You Install Recessed Lighting?

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Install Recessed Lighting at Least a Foot Away

Recessed lights improve your kitchen's appearance and functionality, especially when thoughtfully placed. Install your recessed lights between a foot and 18 inches in front of your cabinets, and you'll be able to see inside your cabinets where there were once shadows.


Make Allowances for a Kitchen Fan

If you have a fan installed in your kitchen, it will create a "strobe" effect when it's turning unless your recessed lights are 9 inches or more away from its blades' tips. Adjust your lighting plans accordingly.


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Bottom Line

Plan to install your kitchen recessed lights at least a foot and as far away as 18 inches from your cabinets' faces; use the smaller measurement if a fan's blades encroach upon your lights.


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