Black Range Top Water Spot Removal

A black stove top is one color that many people choose for their kitchen appliances. Black presents a sleek, streamlined look that is professional and expensive-looking. Black stove tops are an alternative to the hard-to-clean stainless steel. Even though black stove tops look nice, they are prone to streaking and water spotting. This is due to the minerals in water that stick to the surface after evaporation. There are several products that can easily clean away these spots, leaving your black stove shiny and like new.


It is easy to identify water spots on a black stove. Rather than appearing like raised colored spots on the stove (caused by food particles), water spots appear as white, filmy residue on the top of the stove. You can wipe them off with your fingertip, however, removing the spots in this way leaves unsightly fingerprints.


There are two main forms of black range tops. Black glass or ceramic is one popular stove choice. This is the kind of stove that streaks most frequently. Metal coated in black enamel paint will also show water spots and is more likely to show surface scratches.


A water spot is a mineral deposit, but chemical cleaners, such as window sprays, can cause spots as well due to the high chemical content of cleaners.


The key to getting a streak-free and spotless stove top is to quickly wipe up the water so that it does not have time to sit and spot the stove. Do not use abrasive cleaner to remove water stains. This will cause deep scratches in the surface of the black stove, which will be nearly impossible to remove. A scratched stove top constantly looks dirty and harbors water stains. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of 50 percent water and 50 percent vinegar. Spray this solution over the stove top. Quickly wipe up the cleaner with paper towels or a microfiber cloth.


Spray with alcohol to remove tough water stains. Rub the spots with paper towels. Remove any remaining water or alcohol residue with the microfiber cloths. The best cleaners for water spots on a black stove top are natural cleaners that will quickly evaporate, removing the mineral residue along with the water.

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