10 Shocking Home Uses for Coffee Filters

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Ground Coffee in Filter
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Almost every restaurant and coffee shop you visit serves drip coffee, for the simple reason that it's good stuff. The familiar paper filters allow the coffee's rich flavor to flow through, while absorbing some potentially harsh-tasting oils and filtering out sediment. Those same filters are surprisingly useful around the house for dozens of practical non-coffee uses, from cleaning to DIY projects. In fact they're so handy you may want to keep some on hand, even if you've switched to a single-cup brewer!

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China Cabinet
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Stack Stuff for Storage

Life gets messy in a hurry when everything you own is out in plain view, which is why we have cupboards, closets and (sometimes) basements or attics for storing our stuff. Unfortunately, "stuff" doesn't always come out of storage in the greatest of condition. Coffee filters can help prevent that kind of damage. Slide them between the non-stick pans in your cupboard to protect the pans' finish, or between pieces of your good china to prevent chips or damage to the pattern. You can even use them to individually wrap your delicate holiday decorations before putting them away until next winter.

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Close-Up Of Hand Holding Melting Ice Cream In Park
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Make Summer Treats Less Messy

Summertime just wouldn't be nearly as much fun without frozen treats. Of course they don't stay frozen, and when they melt, they leave a trail of sticky drips behind (especially when they're in little hands). Coffee filters offer a great way to keep the stickiness to a minimum. Wrap one around each cone of ice cream to catch drips. In the case of treats on sticks, snip a small hole in the filter and push the stick through to make a drip-catching hand guard. This works with oversized lollipops as well, which won't drip on their own but in the hands of an active tot can still spread plenty of stickiness around the house.

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Close-Up Of Red Wine Pouring From Bottle In Glass On Table
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Filter Your Favorite Wine

Some bottles of wine have a layer of fine sediment at the bottom. It's entirely natural (no reflection on the winemaker's skill) but you still wouldn't want to absentmindedly swig a mouthful of it. Pouring the wine through a coffee filter on its way ito your glass or decanter will neatly remove the sediment and save you from wasting some of the wine you've paid for. Filters are also useful when the bottle opener leaves chunks of cork floating in the vino.

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Female hand watering plant on window sill with a tiny watering can
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Tidy Up Your Houseplants

If you're a fan of indoor gardening, few things are more gratifying than a row of colorful houseplants flourishing on a shelf, a windowsill or a row of hanging pots. Watering them can sometimes be problematic, though. Pots usually have drainage holes to help the plants survive over-watering, you'll often lose soil through them. If it spills, this means you'll be cleaning up mud and wet dirt instead of just water. To prevent this, line your plant pots with a suitably-sized coffee filter beforehand. The filter will let water flow through for drainage, but keep the soil where it belongs.

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Paper cutting
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Create Rainy-Day Fun for the Kids

Keeping kids happy and occupied without resorting to the TV or other forms of screen time is always a challenge, but coffee filters can even help with that. Filters are ideal craft supplies, because they can be cut, painted, dipped and shaped in almost limitless ways. Their round shape makes paper snowflakes effortless, for example, and they're quickly converted into colorful (even tie-dyed!) skirts or gowns for dolls. Pro tip: Any extra filters can become disposable bowls for snacks to keep them happy while they experiment.

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Children's legs in boots, hanging down from a chamber-pot on a home interior
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Make Potty Training Less of a Chore

Potty training is an essential part of parenting life, and a real milestone in your youngster's development, but nobody really enjoys cleaning out the potty afterwards. Lining the bowl beforehand with a coffee filter can make your life a lot simpler, because they're designed to retain their strength even when wet. You can simply lift out the solid waste, then pour off any urine before washing and wiping the potty. This also works if you're caring for an elderly relative with mobility issues, and run out of disposable liners for the commode.

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ready to make coffee
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Improvise a DIY Funnel

Pouring things into a container can be a real pain in the butt if you don't have a funnel handy. Whether you're refilling a salt shaker, gathering tiny screws after a DIY project or — oh, the irony! — refilling your canister with fresh-ground coffee, it's hard to do without spilling everywhere. When those moments come around, you can improvise a quick and effective funnel by simply snipping the end from a cone coffee filter. You can even crease the opening to help it fit into extra-small jars, if needed. As a bonus, it's sturdy enough to funnel liquids as well.

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At Home
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Use Them in the Kitchen

Coffee filters are useful in the kitchen, even if you don't drink coffee. They're great cleaning cloths for buffing glass or stainless steel, or you can use one to grease your baking pans. If taking grease out is more your thing, they're absorbent enough to blot surface fat from fried foods or a cup of broth. When you're cooking with fresh herbs or spices, wrap them neatly in a coffee filter and tie it up to make a pouch. That way, you can easily remove the herbs once they've added enough flavor (chefs call this a "bouquet garni"). Coffee filters also make excellent spatter covers, for when you're microwaving messy foods or sauces.

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